Advanced Electronic Solutions introduce long range video intercom system

Advanced Electronic Solutions has introduced its 605 video door intercom system, which it claims is “the longest range wireless video intercom system available in Europe”.

AES says the video transmission range is up to 350m in open field conditions, translating to effective realistic working ranges of 200 metres or more.

The 605 system uses DECT (Digital European Cordless Telecommunication) technology to transmit the two way audio, operating on the 1.88GHz spectrum, which is the same technology used by all standard cordless home telephones.

This offers 350 metres range line of sight when used in conjunction with a directional DECT antenna. The antenna is mounted externally on a 2m cable.

If the intercom is mounted on the far side of a thick pillar, it can still transmit maximum range due to the antenna being located on the near side of the pillar. This gives line of sight to the home or property in most cases, AES says.

Resistant to interference

Video is sent separately via the 2.4G spectrum. This is fully digital FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum). This type of modulation is highly resistant to even narrow band interference, and can share the same frequency with many other devices. It is also very difficult to intercept, according to AES.

The video signal is therefore fully operable in areas with WiFi networks, Bluetooth and more.

The indoor monitor takes the form of a portable handset with charging base. Visitors can also leave a voice message at the door station if the handset is unanswered, which can be played back using the handset.