Crime gangs using ‘cash claws’ to block ATMs

Police in London are warning of a new ATM fraud where criminals use an invisible ‘cash claw’ to steal money. Chris Kenny of Bluestream Security believes it is only a matter of time before this scam is used in Ireland. Chris advises bank customers and retailers with in-store cash dispensers to be aware of this new threat.

How it works:

While making a withdrawal (usually from a pre-paid card) the gang insert a thin metal instrument into the cash dispenser so it sits inside the machinery on the belt, just behind the cash dispenser shutter, making it invisible to the genuine customer.

The criminal then leaves the vicinity while an associate keeps close watch until a genuine cardholder attempts a withdrawal, only for the cash to become trapped in the ‘claw’.

When the customer gives up and moves on the gang members quickly move in to force the dispenser shutter open and remove the cash.