Community Based CCTV

Rural Crime Prevention

Community Based CCTV systems act as a deterrent to illegal or anti-social behaviour and enhance existing policing provision. Communities where such systems are already in operation have seen a dramatic decrease in crime.

A case in point is Dunmore near Durrow in Co. Laois where Bluestream installed the hardware and provided the technical know-how and training to get the scheme up and running effectively. Frequent farm theft and house break-ins had plagued the area from some time.

Resident Laura Starnes says everyone feels secure in their homes now. You can read all about Dunmore’s experience here.

The success of pilot schemes like Dunmore has lead the Dept of Justice to launch a funding programme, offering grants to local organisations towards meeting the capital costs associated with the establishment of local community CCTV systems. The maximum grant available is €40,000. Within this limit, grants of up to 60% of the total capital costs of the system may be awarded.

It is intended that the Scheme will run for 3 years with funding of €1 million being made available each year.

Projects will be funded, within overall maximum grant limits, to the level that is considered necessary to establish successful and viable CCTV projects. Funding will not be spread thinly over all proposals that have potential merit.

50% of the grant will be made on foot of approval and the balance on completion.

Full details about the scheme including the application process and forms are available on the department website.

Bluestream has the experience and knowledge to support your community’s application, scheme roll-out and ongoing maintenance. Contact us to discuss your proposal.