Lone Worker Protection

Alert and Emergency
Dual channel
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Lone worker protection is quite simply “anybody that works alone that needs to be protected”. Many lone workers are self-employed or work away from their business base. They come from a wide range of activities such as medicine, transport, security, hospitality, fisheries, and forestry – not forgetting the elderly and county councils, inspectors, facility management, auctioneering, banking, pharmaceuticals, retail and late night stores and many others where people are quite literally “on their own”.

Pendant personal
attack transmitter
As employers we have the same responsibilities for all our employees but we have to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of those working alone.

A good health and safety risk assessment may highlight some additional areas where the employer could reasonably be expected to remove or minimise the danger to their lone workers.

Upon activation the device sends an instant alert to the Monitoring Alarm Station whenever the carrier is in trouble. In built GPS technologies define the location of the carrier and identify their exact position on the mapping software system.

In life critical situations live sound is transmitted to the Monitoring Alarm Station allowing the carrier to describe the particulars of their problem. In-built motion detection will also trigger an alert if the carrier becomes inactive.